Thanks to all who participated in Mistletoe & Magic 2016!

Hope is defined as trust or reliance on the fulfillment of a wish or expectation. We’ve talked all year long about using Mistletoe & Magic and its proceeds to “bring hope home for the holidays.” This holiday season, I can say without a doubt that we’ve accomplished our goal. There are many Smith County non-profit agencies and their clients that will benefit from your work, donations, and participation, and they can continue to rely on the Junior League of Tyler in the fulfillment of funding their worthy and important projects.

As you go about the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season and reflect on 2016, please know that you’ve made a difference! Next year there will be a family that snuggles up in front of their fireplace in their first stable household because you participated in our chance drawing. 2017 will see a 6th grade girl who will make one different, positive decision that will forever change the course of her life, and those who come in contact with her, due to volunteers donating their time to make our Girl Power event possible. Because you purchased decorations from the event, there will be an innocent child who will finally learn what love truly means.

I cannot thank our donors, volunteers, and our community enough for your participation in Mistletoe & Magic 2016 “Reindeer and Roses.” You’ve each made this such a successful, and enjoyable, year. You’ve embraced new ideas and new initiatives with unwavering support. You’ve truly captured the collaborative effort this event was always meant to be, and for that, I’m forever grateful. “Reindeer and Roses” was a tribute to our wonderful Rose City, but perhaps more importantly to the generous spirit of the people who inhabit it. I have been honored and humbled to serve our community alongside you, and I look forward to seeing all the ways Mistletoe & Magic 2016 will impact the future of our community together.

Forever indebted to all of you,